Occupational and Employment Law

FMLA Guide for Employers: The Family and Medical Leave Act (Available online only)

Provides a guide for employers on the Family and Medical Leave Act. (Last revised 2018)


Employer's Guide to Wages, Overtime and Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Available online only)

Provides a guide for employers on wages, overtime, and exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (Last revised 2018)


Professional Etiquette Guide (Available online only)

Provides a guide for professional etiquette in different settings. (Last revised 2017)


Pregnancy and the Workplace (Available online only)

This guide is designed to help you understand your employer’s legal obligations to pregnant employees from the hiring phase to their return to work after childbirth. (Last revised 2015)


An Introduction to Mechanics Liens

Explains the most important and basic aspects of Texas lien law as set forth in Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code and Article XVI, Section 37 of the Texas Constitution. (Last revised January 2019)


Hiring an Employee with a Record

Explains the steps for employers to follow when undertaking a criminal background check on a jobseeker. (Last revised 2015)


Hiring an Intern (Available online only)

Addresses topics and frequently asked questions employers face when hiring interns. (Last revised 2016)

Hiring an 

Hiring a Non Citizen Household Staff

Explains the steps for employers to follow when hiring a non U.S. citizen. (Last revised 2015)


Protecting Your Ideas: An Overview of Intellectual Property Law (Available online only)

Provides information on the various types of intellectual property, the law that governs them, and steps needed to protect them. (Last revised 2012)

Protecting Your Ideas

Small Business Toolkit

This pamphlet is unavailable because it is under review for changes to the law.

Prepared to help you understand the laws affecting your small business and familiarize you with the legal issues you may encounter during opening and running a small business. (Last revised 2010)

Small Business Toolkit

Understanding Employment Contracts in Texas

Summarizes the most common employment contract provisions. (Last revised 2015)


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