Occupational and Employment Law

FMLA Guide for Employers: The Family and Medical Leave Act (Available online only)

Provides a guide for employers on the Family and Medical Leave Act. (Last revised 2018)


Employer's Guide to Wages, Overtime and Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (Available online only)

Provides a guide for employers on wages, overtime, and exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (Last revised 2018)


An Introduction to Mechanics Liens

Explains the most important and basic aspects of Texas lien law as set forth in Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code and Article XVI, Section 37 of the Texas Constitution. (Last revised January 2019)


Hiring an Intern (Available online only)

Addresses topics and frequently asked questions employers face when hiring interns. (Last revised 2016)

Hiring an 

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