Reporting Fraud

Fraud Policy
The State Bar of Texas strives to foster high standards of ethical conduct and to safeguard and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing the State Bar’s financial resources. It is important that, if you are aware of or suspect a reportable condition, you notify the State Bar. Examples of reportable conditions include:

  • financial misappropriation

  • misuse of State Bar equipment

  • undisclosed conflicts of interest

  • untimely processing of financial transactions

  • potential deficiencies in internal control, or

  • waste or inefficiency of State Bar resources

How to Report Fraud
Send your report:

  • by telephone to: State Bar of Texas Fraud Hotline at 512-427-1410.

  • by email to:, or

  • by mail to: 1414 Colorado St., Ste. 300, Austin, Texas 78701

    • to the attention of one of the following:

      • State Bar Executive Director,

      • State Bar Finance Division Director, or

      • Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, State Bar of Texas Board of Directors

About Confidentiality
The State Bar of Texas is subject to the Public Information Act. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not provide your name, address, telephone number, or other identifiable information. Instead, send your complaint in writing with no identifying information. Include all details and documentation necessary for the State Bar to review the matter.