Reporting Fraud Occurring within the State Bar of Texas

Fraud Policy
The State Bar of Texas strives to foster high standards of ethical conduct and to safeguard and effectively manage the State Bar’s financial resources. If you are aware of or suspect a reportable condition of fraud, waste, or abuse within the State Bar of Texas, it is important that you notify the State Bar. Examples of reportable conditions include:

  • misappropriation or misuse of State Bar funds

  • misuse of State Bar equipment

  • undisclosed conflicts of interest of State Bar employees, vendors, or officials

  • untimely processing of State Bar financial transactions

  • potential deficiencies in internal control within the State Bar, or

  • waste or inefficiency of State Bar resources

How to Report Fraud Occurring within the State Bar of Texas
Send your report:

  • by telephone at 512-427-1410;

  • by email to; or

  • by mail to P.O. Box 12487, Austin, Texas 78711

    • to the attention of one of the following:

      • State Bar Executive Director,

      • State Bar Finance Division Director, or

      • Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, State Bar of Texas Board of Directors

Please note: The phone number and email address above are only for reporting instances of alleged fraud, waste, or abuse occurring within the State Bar of Texas.

To report misconduct by Texas attorneys, please review the steps to file a grievance at the following link:

If you have questions about the grievance process, call the Grievance Information Helpline at 800-932-1900.

To file a complaint regarding the unauthorized practice of law with the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, please complete and submit the complaint form available at the following website:

If you are a Texas attorney and have become a victim of identity fraud, you can report the fraud through the State Bar’s identity fraud flag program at the following link:

If you have a complaint regarding a member of the public or to report potential fraudulent activity, please contact the Attorney General’s office consumer protection hotline at (800) 621-0508 or file a complaint at the following website:

About Confidentiality
The State Bar of Texas is subject to the Public Information Act. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not provide your name, address, telephone number, or other identifiable information. Instead, send your complaint in writing with no identifying information. Include all details and documentation necessary for the State Bar to review the matter.

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