District Director Positions

Those attorneys in good standing that are interested in running as a District Director for the State Bar Board of Directors must submit a petition to the State Bar by March 1, 2020. Names provided on the petition should be legible and the bard card number of each individual must be provided. State Bar rules state that petition signatures may not be collected prior to September 1 of any given year.

A candidate certification form as included below must also be submitted along with the petition.

Note: State Bar Rules state that a petition signature is invalid if it is not dated or the signer signed the petition before September 1 of the year before the election.

Candidates should complete the bio form below. The biographical information will be included in election materials to voters.

District Director elections will be held from April 1 to April 30, 2020. There are 10 District Director positions that will be open this year from the various State Bar Districts throughout the state. For a list of the open positions and individuals who have been certified as candidates, please see the chart below.

To assist in the improvement of the State Bar and the legal profession, your full commitment to the duties of a director is expected. Directors serve three-year terms and participate in many activities and events that require a significant time commitment. Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the duties and expectations of serving on the board and the guidelines for election.

Completed petitions should be emailed to chielsey.barber@texasbar.com or mailed to:

Office of Executive Director
Attention: Chielsey Barber
State Bar of Texas
PO Box 12487
Austin, TX 78711

If you need additional information, contact Chielsey Barber at 512-427-1416 or 800-204-2222 ext. 1416.

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