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Table of Contents
State Bar of Texas Board of Directors
2009–10 Professional Liability Insurance Disclosure

PLID Background Materials and Attorney/Public Input
1. Executive Summary

2. State Bar Board of Directors Meeting, Jan. 29, 2010

  a. Board of Directors Meeting Deliberations (MP3 Audio Download)
  b. PowerPoint Presentation to the Board
3. Supreme Court/State Bar Correspondence
  a. Letter from Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson to State Bar
  b. Response from State Bar President Roland Johnson
4. State Bar Board of Directors PLID Consideration Process for 2009-10
  a. State Bar Board of Directors Charge
  b. PLI Disclosure Process Calendar for January 2010 Board Vote
  c. PLID Public Hearings
    Schedule of Public Hearings - Fall 2009
    PLID Public Hearings - Witness List
    Public Hearing Reports and MP3 Audio Downloads
      Austin - November 9, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
      Lubbock - October 29, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
      Dallas - October 28, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
      El Paso - October 27, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
      Houston - October 16, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
      Harlingen - October 15, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)


San Antonio - October 14, 2009 (Report) (MP3 Audio Download)
  d. Survey of the Public - November 2009
  e. Public Opinion Focus Groups - January 2010

Focus Group Final Report

  Focus Group High-Level Presentation

(To access Focus Group Downloads, you must be connected to the Internet.)

  Houston (MP3 Audio Download)
  San Antonio (MP3 Audio Download)
  Dallas (MP3 Audio Download)

Lubbock (MP3 Audio Download)

  f. Attorney Input and Comments
  1. Letters/Emails from Attorneys

Roland Johnson’s “A Message From the President” email, Dec. 2009

    Letters from SBOT Directors Requesting Comments, Oct. 2009
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 1
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 2
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 3
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 4
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 5
    Attorney Correspondence, Part 6
  2. Responses from State Bar Sections and Committees
    Law Practice Management Committee position letter
    Family Law Section position letter and resolution
    Women and the Law Section email to members
    Consumer & Commercial Law Section position letter
    Corporate Counsel Section position letter
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section position
    Entertainment & Sports Law Section email to members
    Military Law Section Resolution
    Juvenile Law Section Resolution
    Asian Pacific Interest Section Survey
  3. Responses from Local Bar Associations
    Angelina County Bar Association Resolution
    Cameron County Bar Association Resolution
    Collin County Bar Association survey
    Corpus Christi Bar Association newsletter article
    Kerr County Bar Association poll
    Smith County Bar Association Resolution
    Local Bar Association Comment Cards

4. Responses from Other Organizations


Public Citizen position letter
La Union del Pueblo Entero position letter
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association position letter

  5.Comments from State Bar Blog
  g. Texas Bar Journal Articles
    a. State Bar Update, October 2009
    b. Pro/Con: PLID, November 2009

c. President’s Opinion, November 2009

    d. State Bar Update, November 2009
    e. President’s Opinion, December 2009
    f. State Bar Update, December 2009
    g. President's Opinion, February 2010
  h. Outside Media Coverage and Notices

a. Media Coverage, Articles, Blogs
b. Public Hearing Notices

5. PLI Disclosure Background Information (July 2007 - April 2009)
  a. Letter to Supreme Court from Charles Herring, Jr., July 2007; Texas Lawyer article on State Bar Task Force, May 21, 2008 Austin American-Statesman articles on Task Force, May 21, 2008
  b. Basic Considerations Regarding Lawyer PLI
  c. Report of the Task Force on Insurance Disclosure - June 2008
  d. Excerpt from the Grievance Oversight Committee 2009 Report
  e. ABA Model Court Rule on Insurance Disclosures
  f. State Implementation of ABA Model Court Rules
  g. Attorney Survey Findings - February 2008
  h. Survey of the Public - April 2008