2018-2019 State Bar of Texas Awards

Outstanding Third-Year Director

  • Angelica Hernandez, Houston

President's Award

  • Justice Phil Johnson, Austin

Public Member Award

  • Estrella Escobar, El Paso

Presidential Citation

  • Estrella Escobar, El Paso

  • Gregory W. Sampson, Dallas

  • Dinesh H. Singhal, Houston

  • South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project (ProBAR)

  • Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

  • Texas Civil Rights Project

  • Caitlin Bumford, Austin

  • Emma Martin, Austin

  • Cheryl Howell, Austin

  • Patricia McConnico, Austin

  • Paul Rogers, Austin

  • Dean Schaffer Austin

  • Chris Ritter, Austin

  • Erica Grigg, Austin

  • Shawna Storey-Lovin, Austin

  • Penni Wood, Austin


Gene Cavin Award

  • Craig Ball "New Orleans, LA"

Pat Nester Innovation in Professional Development Award

  • Scott Rothenberg, Houston

Standing Ovation Award

  • Kristal C. Thomson, San Antonio

  • Joe R. Anderson, Austin

  • Mark T. Murray, Houston

  • John C. Grace, Lubbock


Chief Justice Jack Pope Award

  • David Keltner, Fort Worth

Legal Services to the Poor in Criminal Matters Committee Awards

Warren Burnett Award

  • James G. McDermott II, Alpine

Michael K. Moore Award for Excellence in Research or Writing in the Area of Indigent Criminal Defense

  • Jani Maselli Wood, Houston

Local Bar Awards

Stars of Achievement

  • Dallas Association of Young Lawyers - Continuing the Conversation: Where Have All the Women Lawyers Gone?

  • Dallas Association of Young Lawyers - Second Chair Program

  • Amarillo Area Young Lawyers Association - Service to the public

  • Houston Bar Association - Lawyers for Literacy - 25 for 25

  • Austin Bar Association - Pro Bono Committee

Award of Merit

  • Division I Smith County Bar Association

  • Division II Jefferson County Bar Association

  • Division III Austin Bar Association

  • Division IV Dallas Bar Association

Outstanding Partnership Award

  • Division I: San Antonio LGBT Bar Association - Will You Marry Me?

  • Division III: Austin Bar Association - Community Engagement Committee

  • Division IV: Dallas Bar Association - Texas High School Mock Trial Program

Best Overall Newsletter

  • Division I: Bexar County Women’s Bar Association/Foundation (The Equal Times)

  • Division II: Jefferson County Bar Association (Jefferson County Bar Journal)

  • Division III: Tarrant County Bar Association (Bar Bulletin)

  • Division IV: Houston Bar Association (The Houston Lawyer)

Feature/Human Interest Story

  • Division II: Jefferson County Bar Association – National Adoption Day 2018: There Are Good People

  • Division III: San Antonio Bar Association – The Superpowers of Robert Dittman

  • Division IV: Houston Bar Association – Undaunted: Houston’s Earliest African-American Lawyers

News Article

  • Division II Jefferson County Bar Association – Making a Difference Through Asylum Law

  • Division III San Antonio Bar Association – Miracle on Durango Street: The Trial of Santa Claus Turns 25

  • Division IV Houston Bar Association – Assessing the Status of Attorney-Client Privilege in the Age of Twitter

Series of Articles — Substantive Law

  • Division II: Jefferson County Bar – Recovery of Medical Expenses Past and Future

  • Division III: San Antonio Bar Association – Bankruptcy in the #MeToo Era

  • Division IV: Dallas Bar Association – Family Law Series

Series of Articles — Feature/General Interest

Division II: Jefferson County Bar Association – The Eye Opening Reality of Sex Trafficking

Division III: San Antonio Bar Association – The Psychology of Client Management: What to Do When Clients Don’t Follow Your Advice

Division IV: Dallas Bar Association – Mental Health Awareness Series

Pro Bono Excellence

Frank J. Scurlock Award

  • Amy Warr, Austin

J. Chrys Dougherty Legal Services Award

  • William Holston (Human Rights Iniative), Dallas

Pro Bono Award Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans

  • Tarrant County Chapter, Ft. Worth

Pro Bono Coordinator Award

  • Stephen Rispoli (Baylor Law School & Waco-McLennan County Young Lawyers Association), Waco

W. Frank Newton Award

  • "Hunton Andrews Kurth, LLP - Dallas Office," Dallas

Pro Bono Support Staff Award

  • Amber Haney, Austin


ATJ Corporate Counsel Pro Bono Award

  • Adam Brown of Exxon Mobil Corp., Spring


Outstanding Director Award

  • Joel T. Towner, Houston

Outstanding Young Lawyer of Texas

  • Neal Sarkar, Houston

Liberty Bell Award

  • Matt Osborne, Dallas

Outstanding Mentor

  • John P. Palmer, Waco

Outstanding First Year Director

  • Ashley Hymel, Houston

Keith L. Krueger Leadership Award

  • Meagan T. Harding, Austin

TYLA President's Award

  • Tim Newman, Dallas

TYLA President's Award of Merit

  • Ryan Cox, San Antonio

  • M. Kaylan Dunn, Houston

  • John W. Ellis, Austin

  • Andy Jones, Dallas

  • Rebecca Patterson Linehan, Midland

  • Steven Lopez, San Antonio

  • Armin Salek, Austin

  • Jenny Smith, Lubbock

  • Joanie Scott, Dallas

  • Louis Williams, Houston

Texas Bar Foundation

Ronald D. Secrest Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award

  • Tommy Fibich, Houston

Samuel Pessarra Outstanding Jurist Award

  • Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn, Dallas

Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award

  • Claude E. Ducloux, Austin

Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award

  • Lynne Liberato, Houston

Outstanding Law Review Article Award

  • David J. Beck and Alex B. Roberts, Houston

Terry Lee Grantham Memorial Award

  • Talmage Boston, Dallas

Lola Wright Foundation Award

  • Roland K. Johnson, Fort Worth

Outstanding 50 Year Lawyer Award

  • Thomas L. Ausley, Austin

  • Gerry Goldstein, San Antonio

  • Tom Henson, Tyler

  • Lonny D. Morrison, Wichita Falls

  • Judge Jim Parsons, Palestine

Section Awards

Antitrust & Business Litigation

Distinguished Counselor Award

  • Thomas R. Jackson, Allen

African American Law

Distinguished Jurist Award

  • Hon. Tonya Parker, Dallas

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Rhonda Hunter, Dallas

Trailblazer Award

  • Wesley Terrell, Dallas

Asian Pacific Interest

Justice David Wellington Chew Award

  • Russell T. Wong, Houston

Affiliate of the Year

  • South Asian Bar Association of DFW

Outstanding Mentor

  • Jason Shyung, Carrollton

Champion of Diversity

  • Audrey Chang, Houston

Best Lawyers Under 40

  • Shruti Krishnan, Flower Mound

  • Albert Liou, Austin

  • Bill Richmond, Dallas

Pro Bono

  • Michael Lee

Bankruptcy Law

Robert B. Wilson Distinguished Service Award

  • William L. “Bill” Wallander, Dallas

Michelle A. Mendez Award of Excellence

  • Honorable Barbara J. Houser, Dallas

Banco Rotto Award

  • Robert Albergotti, Seneca, SC

John C. Akard Community Service Award

  • The Hon. Jeff Bohm, Austin

Romina L. Mulloy-Bossio Achievement Award

  • Jessica Voyce Lewis, Dallas

Pro Bono Service Award

  • Alicia M. Grant, San Antonio

  • Brian Cummings, San Antonio

Child Protection Law Section

Chair's Award for Excellence

  • Rhonda F. Hunter

Collaborative Law

Service Award

  • Luemara Aurora Wagner, San Diego, CA

Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

Patrick Wiseman Award

  • Mark S. Whitburn, Arlington

Computer & Technology

Chair's Recognition Award

  • Pierre Grosdidier

  • Reginald A. Hirsch

Hispanic Issues

Bar Association of the Year

  • The Hispanic Bar Association of Austin

Chair's Award

  • Gloria Leal

James W Wray Jr. Award

  • Eduardo R. Rodriguez

Judge of the Year Award

  • Hon. Orlinda Naranjo

Legislator of the Year Award

  • Victoria Neave

Pete Torres Jr. Community Service Award

  • David Calvillo

  • David Medina

  • Juan F. Vasquez

Reynaldo G. Garza Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Honorable Ricardo H. Hinojosa

Intellectual Property Law

Chair's Award

  • Megan Hoyt, Dallas

Inventor of the Year

  • Frank Bradley Stamps, Fort Worth

Tom Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Tom Morris, Amarillo

Trademark Award

  • Leanne Stendell, Dallas

LGBT Section

Judge Norman W. Black Award

  • Frederick W. Sultan, Austin

Litigation Section

Luther H. Soules Award for Excellence in Litigation

  • Claude Ducloux

Inducted as a Texas Legal Legend

  • Dickie Grigg

  • James C. Harrington

Poverty Law

Distinguished Real Estate Attorney Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sharon Reuler

Distinguished Texas Probate Attorney Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Barbara McComas Anderson

Tax Law

Outstanding Service as Council Member

  • Richard L. Hunn

  • David C. Gair

  • Robert D. Probasco

Outstanding Service as Pro-Bono Co-Chair

  • Juan F. Vasquez, Jr.

  • Rachael E Rubestein

Women and the Law

Sarah T. Hughes Award

  • Judge Diane DeVasto, Tyler

Louise B. Raggio Award

  • Adrienne Braumiller, Dallas

Harriet E. Miers Award

  • Aubrey Eyrolles, Dallas

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