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PracticeMaster is legal practice management software that does more for lawyers than Outlook can. Features include document assembly, a firm-wide calendar, and tracking for online research, email and phone calls. You can easily convert appointments, phone calls, and research into fees in Tabs3 Billing Software, so you can quickly bill for your time. It also integrates with our client relationship management software Tabs3 CRM, which you can use to track leads, grow prospects, and gain clients.

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Calendaring, conflict searches and contact management - PracticeMaster helps you do the things you already have to do, only faster. Includes document assembly, firm-wide calendar (Microsoft Exchange Server not required), tracking for online research, e-mail and phone calls. Claim your free trial of PracticeMaster at

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Firm Turns to Tabs3 to Enhance Workflows and Streamline Invoice Processing

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