Report Your Pro Bono Hours

It is important that both the Texas Legislature and the public recognize that lawyers give back to the community through pro bono work.

The State Bar wants to keep track of your volunteer contributions, and makes it easy for you to do so.

Pro bono reporting has now been made easier for attorneys.  The State Bar is pleased to announce a new feature on the State Bar’s website called “My Pro Bono” page, which is part of an attorney's "My Bar Page."  Attorneys may now log onto, using their bar number and password, to report their pro bono hours.  Similar to MCLE reporting, attorneys will now be able to report and track their pro bono hours and contributions cumulatively throughout the calendar year.  Attorneys who report 75 hours or more of pro bono service a year will be invited to join the State Bar’s Pro Bono College, which is an honorary society for legal professionals committed to pro bono.

By reporting your qualifying pro bono and financial contributions, pro bono attorneys are helping to highlight the importance of pro bono in meeting the legal needs of indigent Texans while also providing much needed support for funding requests for legal services programs and improving the public perception of lawyers overall.

Help us collect the data we need to measure the difference Texas lawyers make for those in need of legal help.

Accurate measures of pro bono work allow us to:

  • Raise the level of awareness of the good work lawyers do;

  • Present facts for presentations or testimony in legislative committees;

  • Improve the legal profession's reputation to the community; and

  • Provide data to the legislature that more resources are needed

2019 Texas Attorney Pro Bono Report

We gather statistics every year and create a report that is available here.

  • 2019 Pro Bono Survey [PDF]: Download this report for an overview of voluntary work by Texas attorneys.

Contact Us

If you have questions about voluntary reporting or the pro bono survey, please contact the Legal Access Department.


(512) 427-1855

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