Wills and Probate Law

To Will or Not to Will

Reviews the law on wills in Texas and how it applies to people who die without a will. Also explains the advantages of executing a will and other legal directives. (Last revised 2021)

To Will 

or Not to Will

Texas Probate Passport (Available online only)

Prepared to inform the public regarding what happens legally to the property of a person when he or she dies with a will or without a will and how the probate process works. (Last revised 2015)

Texas Probate Passport

Sudden Loss Resource: What to Do if a Family Member, Friend or Loved One Dies Without a Will (2023)

Includes a checklist to help provide a basic resource for the friends and loved ones of Texans who pass away, expectedly or unexpectedly, without a will. (Last revised 2020)

Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer

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