Preventing Fraud on Veterans

Created to help veterans and their families protect their resources and avoid loss from fraud. It explains the Dependent’s Indemnity Compensation program, and the new GI bill. (Last revised 2021)

Preventing Fraud on Veterans

Resources for Veterans Seeking Help

Veterans face the same issues that all Texans face: going to school, finding a job, obtaining a loan, and getting health care. Veterans also deal with issues unique to those who have served our country in uniform. This pamphlet is intended to identify and describe resources related to these issues. (Last revised March 2020)

Resources for Veterans Seeking 

Resources for Lawyers Assisting Veterans

This pamphlet, a publication of the Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) and Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans, is intended to summarize legal issues faced by our veterans and resources for lawyers assisting veterans. (Last revised 2013)


Service Members Civil Relief Act (Available online only)

Offers general information on protections provided by the Service Members Civil Relief Act. (Last revised 2013)

Service Members Civil Relief Act

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