Seniors and the Law

Guardianship Guide

Prepared and distributed as a public service by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and State Bar of Texas Communications Division.


Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in Texas from Application to Oath

Understanding guardianships in Texas law is made easier by this pamphlet, which discusses alternatives to guardianship, the guardianship process, and other issues related to instituting a guardianship proceeding. (Last revised 2014)

Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in 

Seniors and the Law

A helpful guide to better understanding laws affecting seniors. Also includes many helpful resources available to our senior communities. (Last revised 2015)

Seniors and the Law

To Will or Not to Will

Reviews the law on wills in Texas and how it applies to people who die without a will. Also explains the advantages of executing a will and other legal directives. (Last revised 2015)

To Will 

or Not to Will

Dealing with Dementia

Provides information on Alzheimer’s disease and a general discussion of dementia. (Last revised 2010)

Dealing With Dementia

Just Hang Up

Designed to raise awareness among seniors of the perils of telemarketing scams, due to a large number of Texas residents who fall prey to consumer scammers. (Last revised 2014)

Just Hang Up

Living Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer

Describes how to avoid becoming a victim when purchasing a living trust. (Last revised 2012)

Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer

Loan Modification Scams

Created to address mortgage fraud by describing common types of loan modification scams and methods to follow if you feel you have been scammed. (Last revised 2011)

Loan Modification Scams

Texas Probate Passport (Available online only)

Prepared to inform the public regarding what happens legally to the property of a person when he or she dies with a will or without a will and how the probate process works. (Last revised 2015)

Texas Probate Passport

Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures

This pamphlet is unavailable because it is under review for changes to the law.

Provides an introduction to involuntary commitment proceedings in Texas courts, including possible signals of mental health issues, a discussion of involuntary commitment procedures, and a comparison of involuntary commitment and guardianship. (Last revised 2008)

Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment 

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