Jury Service

Jury Appreciation Week

The State Bar of Texas Jury Service Committee developed this guide to assist people who interact with prospective jurors and those who serve on juries in learning more about Jury Appreciation Week.


American Juror (website)

This website is dedicated to informing Texas citizens about jury service.


Juror Information Guide: A public education resource (available online only)

This toolkit, adapted from the Jury Service Toolkit, includes fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions that can be provided to the public along with a list of resources for finding additional information.


Jury Service Toolkit: A public education resource for lawyers (available online only)

This toolkit serves as a resource guide to assist lawyers in addressing classrooms or community groups or by contributing op-eds or letters to their local papers.


Texas Uniform Jury Handbook (available via PDF only)

Prepared to help educate the public about jury service, ease their concerns, and provide resources to better prepare potential jurors. (Last revised 2015)

Texas Uniform Jury Handbook

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