Facing Foreclosure

Designed to provide a basic introduction and description of the foreclosure process, the laws governing foreclosure, and possible options and sources of further guidance for those facing foreclosure. (Last revised 2021)

& Gas 
Basics for Homeowners

Loan Modification Scams

As the number of foreclosures grows, many thieves are swindling money from homeowners by preying upon fears of losing a home. Mortgage loan modification scams are schemes to take your money, often by making a false promise of saving you from foreclosure. (Last revised 2022)

Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer

Oil & Gas Basics for Homeowners

Designed for homeowners who have been approached by someone wanting to lease their mineral estates. Provides basic knowledge of some of the most common terms used in many residential oil and gas leases so homeowners are more educated when making decisions. (Last revised 2011)

Oil & Gas 
Basics for Homeowners

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