Consumer Bankruptcy

A layperson’s guide to bankruptcy and the steps leading up to it. The pamphlet includes descriptions of secured debt, unsecured debt, foreclosure, repossession of vehicles, understanding credit scores, and working with creditors. It provides an initiation to the types of Consumer Bankruptcy—Chapter 7 and 13, lists options for small businesses that are headed toward insolvency, and contains helpful information on locating an attorney, life after bankruptcy, and other third-party resources. (Last revised 2019)


Loan Modification Scams

Created to address mortgage fraud by describing common types of loan modification scams and methods to follow if you feel you have been scammed. (Last revised 2022)

Loan Modification Scams

Oil & Gas Basics for Homeowners

Designed for homeowners who have been approached by someone wanting to lease their mineral estates. Provides basic knowledge of some of the most common terms used in many residential oil and gas leases so homeowners are more educated when making decisions. (Last revised 2011)

Oil & Gas 
Basics for Homeowners

Facing Foreclosure

An introduction to the residential foreclosure process, this publication includes a list of resources for homeowners to consult for additional assistance. (Last revised 2021)


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