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Guardianship Guide

Serving as guardian is a serious job. Your fiduciary duties to the ward and the court last until you are discharged and released by the court, and this may go on even past the death of the ward. Failure to comply with your duties and obligations could lead to your removal. You could then be liable civilly or potentially even criminally for your actions. Thus, do not take this job lightly and make sure you discuss any questions you may have with an attorney. (Last revised 2019)


The Unconscious Truth (Available online only)

The Unconscious Truth – The Physical and Legal Effects of Underage Binge Drinking is a multi-media project created by the Texas Young Lawyers Association to educate students and parents on the signs of alcohol poisoning and the legal and physical consequences associated with binge drinking.


Divorce Guide for Children

A coloring book for children that explains the divorce process. (Last revised 2016)


Divorce Guide for Teens

A guide to help teens navigate the difficult terms and processes of their parents’ divorce. (Last revised 2016)


Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in Texas from Application to Oath

Understanding guardianships in Texas law is made easier by this pamphlet, which discusses alternatives to guardianship, the guardianship process, and other issues related to instituting a guardianship proceeding. (Last revised 2014)

Protecting the Incapacitated: Guardianship in 

What to Expect in Texas Family Law Court

Navigating your way through a family law case can be confusing during what is often a stressful and emotional time in your life. Not knowing what to expect can make it even harder. This handout is intended to help you understand what you can expect when you have a case in Texas family law court. (Last revised 2014)

What You Should 

Know About Texas Family Law Court

The Texas Juvenile Justice System: What You Need to Know

This guide provides youth, parent and guardians, a basic understanding about the court process and procedures, the rights and options available, penalties, resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions. (Last revised 2014)


Pro Se Divorce Handbook

Provides information for those representing themselves in a simple (uncontested) divorce, along with discussions about division of marital property and issues concerning children. Also provides tips on court etiquette and deadlines. (Last revised 2019)


What You Should Know About Child Abuse, Neglect, and CPS Cases in Texas

Explains the CPS process and the timeline in a CPS case. (Last revised 2021)


Peace of Mind: A Guide to Supporting Special Kids with Special Needs

Identifies and explains the unique issues that parents of children with special needs commonly face and the importance of future legal and financial planning to care for them. (Last revised 2021)

Peace of 
Mind: A Guide to Supporting Special Kids with Special 

Name Changes in Texas

Provides an overview of the process for changing one's name. (Last revised 2016)

Name Changes 
in Texas

Kids in the Crossfire

Offers tips for divorcing parents, from behaviors to avoid, to suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children. (Last revised 2006)

in the Crossfire

Let’s Learn a Little About the Law

A coloring/activity book about Officer Bob and Luis the Lawyer and the importance each plays in keeping our community safe. (Last revised 2012)

Let's a Little 
about the Law

The Little Voice (Available online only)

Recognizing child abuse and your duty to report it.

The Little 

Luis Goes to Court

A coloring/activity book about a young boy who witnesses a bicycle being stolen and must go to court to testify. (Last revised 2012)

Luis Goes to 

Permanent Kinship Placement (Available online only)

Addresses what becoming a permanent kinship caregiver means and your rights and obligations as a permanent kinship placement. (Last revised 2016)

Permanent Kinship Placements

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