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The items below originally appeared in the "Client Page" column in the Texas Bar Journal. The Client Page offers useful legal information for consumers. The Texas Bar Journal is a monthly magazine received by all Texas attorneys and is published by the State Bar of Texas.

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06/01/2015 - Is It Worth It? How to protect intangible value.

05/01/2015 - Fashion Sense. Personal appearance in Texas courts.

04/01/2015 - Splitsville: Divorce and the closely held business owner.

03/01/2015 - Categories: What you need to know before you classify your workers.

02/01/2015 - Office Talk. Understanding an employer’s role in social media intervention.

01/01/2015 - Equity Crowdfunding. A new way to raise money.


12/01/2014 - Act Responsibly. How divorce clients hurt their cases.

11/01/2014 - It’s a Digital World. Legal considerations for e-commerce sites and companies doing business online.

10/01/2014 - Till Death Do Us Part? Splitting up can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the truth about family law in Texas.

09/01/2014 - Forward Thinking. Three critical and cost-effective legal projects for business owners.

07/01/2014 - Clueless. Signs you should speak with a divorce lawyer (because chances are your spouse already has).

06/01/2014 - Was That Your Idea? A guide to securing a patent (part two).

05/01/2014 - Best Idea Ever. A guide to securing a patent (part one).

04/01/2014 - Ten Tenant Tenets: How to protect yourself when issues come up with a landlord

03/01/2014 - Clause and Effect: A few helpful tips on scope, rules of evidence, and other things you should know about arbitration

02/01/2014 - How to buy your first home without making your first major mistake

01/01/2014 - Consequences: Before you plead guilty, ask these questions


12/01/2013 - How to choose the right lawyer for the job

11/01/2013 - Senior Scams

10/01/2013 - That’s What She Said

09/01/2013 - The Wedding Planner

07/01/2013 - How to get legal advice if you can’t afford a lawyer

06/01/2013 - Abuse of Power: How to get out of a violent situation

05/01/2013 - Children’s Involvement in Divorce

04/01/2013 - I Paid My Tickets. I Have Insurance. Who Is MSB and Why Is My License Suspended?

03/01/2013 - I’m Innocent! Now What?

02/01/2013 - Preparation Key to a Successful Retirement

01/01/2013 - Consumers Have Options to Deal with Mounting Debt


12/01/2012 - Texas’ New Football Helmet Law

11/01/2012 - Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

10/01/2012 - Retaining a Lawyer: What You Need to Know About Fee Agreements

09/01/2012 - If You Are Arrested

07/01/2012 - Protecting Intellectual Property in International Markets

06/01/2012 - The Dangers of Representing Yourself in Legal Matters

05/01/2012 - Responding to a Texas Criminal Subpoena

04/01/2012 - So You Received a Jury Summons — Now What?

03/01/2012 - Records Management for Texas Local Governments

02/01/2012 - Defending Yourself Against Stalking

01/01/2012 - Texas Probate Passport: A Guide to Probate and Estate Planning in Texas


12/01/2011 - Texas' New Trademark Act

11/01/2011 - Providing for Pets After Your Death

10/01/2011 - The Ex-Files: How and Why to Get Along with Your Former Spouse

09/01/2011 - Oil & Gas Basics for Homeowners

07/01/2011 - Reduced-Fee Legal Services In Texas

06/01/2011 - An Introduction to Mechanic's Liens

05/01/2011 - Nonprofit Demons Disguised as Angels, How to Protect Yourself

04/01/2001 - Protect Yourself From Mortgage Loan Scams

03/01/2011 - Dealing With Dementia

02/01/2011 - Facing Foreclosure

01/01/2011 - Social Media Users R U Insurable?


12/01/2010 - 'Tis the Season for Holiday Parties

11/01/2010 - Protecting the Rights of Veterans

10/01/2010 - Special Education Laws in Texas

09/01/2010 - Name Changes in Texas

07/01/2010 - Crime Victims' Compensation Fund

06/01/2010 - Is Consumer Bankruptcy the Right Choice for You?

05/01/2010 - What to Know Before Filing a Lien on a Homestead

04/01/2010 - Investing Smart from the Start

03/01/2010 - Should You Use Social Media to Hire?

02/01/2010 - P2P File-Sharing: Evaluate the Risks

01/01/2010 - Reducing Restaurant Liability in Texas


12/01/2009 - Fiscal Fitness: Choosing a Credit Counselor

11/01/2009 - Client-Attorney Assistance Program

10/01/2009 - Your Rights On Campus

09/01/2009 - Tips for Texans Purchasing Insurance

07/01/2009 - Computer Disposal

06/01/2009 - Your Access to Free Credit Reports

05/01/2009 - Attorney Complaint Information

04/01/2009 - Becoming a Lawyer

03/01/2009 - Tenants' Rights in Texas: Renting and Repairs

02/01/2009 - Dealing with Insurance Claims After a Hurricane

01/01/2009 - How to Sue in Small Claims Court

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