Do you have a list of pro bono – or free – attorneys?

Our participating lawyers do not provide free or low cost legal assistance and we are not able to provide a list of pro bono attorneys. Please visit for a listing of free or low cost resources available in your county.

Do you answer legal questions? Can you give me legal advice?

We have no lawyers on our LRIS staff and we cannot give you legal advice or answer legal questions.

Our LRIS program refers you to attorney or other resource that may be able to help you.

Can you tell me if I have a case?

Only a lawyer can tell you if you have case and if they are willing to handle the case for you. Our LRIS staff cannot make that determination for you.

We will refer you to an attorney or agency that best matches your legal  issue.

How much does it cost for me to use this service?

There is no charge  when we refer you to a lawyer or other agency that  may be able to help with your legal  issue.

The lawyer we refer you to will provide you with the first 30-minute consultation for no more than $20. After that, it is up to you and the attorney to negotiate the fees that you will be charged.

Each lawyer sets their own fees and you should discuss that with them in your consultation.

What is the statute of limitations for my case?

Because we do not have any lawyers on staff at the LRIS,  we are unable to answer this.  Please consult with an attorney  about your specific issue.

Why do you need my name, zip code and phone number?

In order to receive a referral from our service, we must record your name, zip code and  phone number. This information is only shared with the attorney we refer you to in order to identify you as being referred by LRIS; it is never sold or shared with a third party.

Why can’t you refer me to an attorney in my county?

There  may be two reasons for this:

1) An attorney has not signed up with us  who is located in your county (lawyers in our network  participate in the LRIS voluntarily). However, oftentimes an attorney can provide service to you even if they are not located in your county.;  or

2) We do not serve that county. But we can  direct you to another lawyer referral service  that can help.

Other Lawyer Referral Services: Find a lawyer in the county you need.

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