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The Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust

The Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust

Often, lawyers who come to TLAP have depleted both personal and financial resources, a circumstance which presents considerable challenges to beginning treatment. The following are sources of possible financial support for Texas lawyers in crisis.

These funds are for the benefit of Texas attorneys and law students who need treatment for substance use, depression, or other mental health issues and are without means to pay for services.

We need your help to keep the Trust solvent.

To Donate:

I am an attorney and I want to help!

I am not an attorney and I want to help!

Donate via Mail

A donation can be mailed to:

Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust
c/o Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program
P.O. Box 12487
Austin TX 78711-2487

To Apply:

To be eligible to receive funds, the applicant must be a Texas attorney or law student experiencing a problem with substance use, depression or other mental disorder who is without the financial means to pay for treatment. Applicants must be working with TLAP to develop a treatment plan. Recipients of grants are asked to make a moral commitment to repay the grant. To apply, contact TLAP at 1-800-343-8527.


The Justice Mack Kidd Fund provides financial support for counseling and medical treatment on a short-term basis for lawyers in the Austin area whose practices have, as a result of depression or a related illness, declined to a point that they cannot afford to pay for treatment themselves.

For more information, contact DeLaine Ward, Executive Director of the Austin Bar, 512-472-0279 or TLAP, 512-427-1453.


The Houston Bar Foundation provides limited temporary financial assistance to attorneys who qualify and are approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors as being in need of financial assistance. Contact Houston Bar Association Executive Director Mindy G. Davidson ( or 713-759-1133) for more information.

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