Minimum Continuing Legal Education

Report Your MCLE Hours

  • It is the attorney’s responsibility to ensure that MCLE hours are accurately reported on time.

  • Report your hours by logging in to My Bar Page, scanning your QR Code, or submitting a coded “Credit Input Form.”

  • For more information on Reporting Your MCLE hours, click here.

MCLE Requirements and FAQs for Newly Licensed Attorneys

  • For more information on MCLE requirements for newly licensed attorneys, click here.

CLE Sponsors and Out-of-State Accreditation

  • Apply to sponsor an MCLE course here.

  • Attorneys may apply for out-of-state CLE credit by logging in to My Bar Page.

  • For more information on CLE Sponsors and Out-of-State Accreditation, click here.

Definition of MCLE Credit

  • Every active State Bar of Texas member must complete at least 15 hours of accredited CLE during each MCLE compliance year.

  • For more information on the definition of MCLE credit, click here.

Definition of Compliance Year

  • For attorneys licensed two or more years, the MCLE compliance year is a one-year period that begins on the first day of the attorney’s birth month. It ends one year later on the last day of the month that precedes the birth month.

  • For newly licensed attorneys, the initial MCLE compliance year is a 24-month period that begins on the first day of the attorney’s birth month after the date of license. It ends two years later on the last day of the month that immediately precedes the attorney’s birth month.

  • For attorneys 70 years or older, the MCLE requirements each year are the same as usual.

  • For more information about the definition of compliance year, click here.

MCLE Exemptions

  • To find out if you are exempt for MCLE hours for the compliance year, click here.

MCLE Course Search

  • To search for a course, click here.

MCLE Rules, Regulations, and Accreditation Standards

  • To find out more about MCLE rules and regulations, click here.

MCLE Military Waiver

Attorneys serving in the U.S. Armed Forces performing services in a combat zone—who will not practice law in Texas during this time period—are eligible for exemption from mandatory MCLE requirement.

If you are a member who is currently deployed to a combat zone, or if you will soon be deployed during the current MCLE compliance year, you may qualify for an exempt status.

For more information about the MCLE military waiver, click here.

Guardianship Ad Litem

For information on the process to become eligible to be appointed an attorney ad litem in Texas courts, click here.

MCLE Committee

  • The MCLE committee administers the MCLE program, formulates rules and restrictions, evaluates accreditations of CLE activities, and encourages the development of high quality programs.

  • For more information about the MCLE Committee, click here.

Contact Us

Please contact the MCLE Department with any additional questions.

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