TMCP Schedule At A Glance*

8:00-11:00     Networking Through Service
11:00-5:00     Spa Retreat
2:00-5:00       Golf Event
5:00-6:30       Conference Registration & Welcome Reception

8:15-9:00       Registration & Breakfast
9:00-11:45     CLE presentations; Counsel Connections
11:45-1:00     Keynote Awards Luncheon
1:30-5:00       CLE Tracks; Counsel Connections
4:00-5:00       Law Student Reception
5:00-6:30       Networking Reception
7:00-8:30       Dine-Arounds
9:00-12:00     TMCP Party

8:15-9:00       Breakfast
9:00-11:45     CLE presentations; Counsel Connections
12:15-12:45   Luncheon presentation
1:00               Closing Remarks

*Schedule is subject to change. The conference brochure will include the final schedule.


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