President Initiatives

Various projects and programs cultivated by State Bar presidents to provide lawyers with tools and resources to educate the public about the legal system.

Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator (TOJI)

Bridging the Justice Gap: An innovative approach to legal access.

Courage, Hope, Help—TLAP Is There

Educate attorneys, law students, and judges struggling with depression and substance abuse on how they can find help—and hope—through the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program.  

Making the Case

Talk with a community group about the role of lawyers and the judicial system.

Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay!

Educate students on landmark court cases through videos, case summaries, and other materials.

I was the first. Vote for Me!

Teach students and educators about the important firsts in U.S. and Texas history.

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans

Provide legal clinics for military veterans who cannot afford legal help.

Transition to Practice

Mentor young lawyers and assist them as they embark on the practice of law.

Let's Do Justice for Texas

Public service announcements on the importance of jury service.

After the Bar Exam

Provide practical guidance and answers to future lawyers’ questions and concerns.

Texas Legal Legends

Share the perspective of celebrated Texas lawyers.

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