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Let's Do Justice for Texas: Radio and Video Public Service Announcements

New! Television Public Service Announcements on the Importance of Jury Service

Produced as a public service by the State Bar of Texas Jury Service Committee

Television - Jury Service PSA

  • English - featuring Supreme Court of Texas Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson
  • Spanish - featuring Supreme Court of Texas Justice Eva Guzman

Radio - Jury Service PSA

In our ongoing effort toward equal access to justice for all Texans, we've developed radio spots and video PSAs on other legal topics that are available to local radio and tv stations.


  • The basics: Citizens juries (Audio); Spanish Audio (MaleFemale)
  • The basics: Impartial courts (Audio); Spanish Audio (MaleFemale)
  • The basics: Equal access to justice (Audio); Spanish Audio (MaleFemale)
  • The basics: Jury service (Audio)
  • The basics: A balance of justice (Audio)
  • A fair day in court, (Audio)
  • The basics: Support the rule of law, (Audio)
  • The basics: In a democracy (Audio)
  • The basics: Three branches of government (Audio)
  • The basics: Being an American (Audio)


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