Law Day

2024 Law Day Theme

Voices of Democracy:

The 2024 Law Day theme – Voices of Democracy - We invite all the people of the United States to join us, May 1, 2024, in rebuilding trust in our institutions, respect for one another, and our willingness to collaborate to address the challenges we face as a nation.

For nearly 250 years, Americans have expressed their political views and wishes by speaking their minds and voting in elections. In 2024, the United States will hold its 60th presidential election, and Americans will address fundamental questions about democracy and the rule of law. The Voices of Democracy Law Day theme encourages Americans to participate in the 2024 elections by deepening their understanding of the electoral process; discussing issues in honest and civil ways; turning out to vote; and, finally, helping to move the country forward after free and fair elections. In this way, Americans ensure that our government remains responsive to the wishes of the people. We invite all Americans to join us on May 1, 2024, to celebrate Law Day by lifting their voices to strengthen our democracy.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 Statewide Law Day Contest!

2024 Law Day Winners
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