VR Election Services

The State Bar of Texas utilizes VR Election Services, Inc. (VRES), of Carrollton, Texas, to conduct elections, referendums, and judicial polls. VRES has many years of experience in working with associations to provide low cost, secure, and efficient election services.

All aspects of paper and online ballots are produced and developed by VRES. For example, they print the ballots and are responsible for mailing the ballots to attorneys in a timely fashion. They have helped the State Bar save significant postage and printing costs.

VRES also develops online balloting. They host a secure password protected website that allows attorneys to vote online. VRES also sends blast e-mails through their system to attorneys inviting them to vote online. They have made online voting easy and secure.

If you have questions or problems with voting, please contact VRES directly at 800-218-4026. If you have any other questions, please contact the State Bar at 800-204-2222 ext. 1506.

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