State Bar Director Spotlight • February 2024

Radha Thiagarajan

Interview by Will Korn
Photo courtesy of Radha Thiagarajan

Photo of Radha Thiagarajan

Hometown: Houston
Position: Senior Assistant County Attorney, Harris County Attorney’s Office in Houston
Board Member: District 4, Place 1 Since 2022

In eighth grade, our English teacher held a mock trial in which I was picked to be judge. This sparked my interest in the law as a profession. I’ve also always enjoyed reading and writing, so being a lawyer is a natural fit.

I specialize in employment law, which is always interesting due to the human element of what happens in the workplace. Employment law also encompasses litigation and transactional work, and federal, state, and local laws and regulations are always changing and evolving!

I would advise a law student or a newly licensed attorney to keep in touch with your law school classmates and co-workers wherever your practice takes you. Those connections will help and sustain you in numerous ways.

I wanted to become a State Bar of Texas director because I felt that bar leadership was important, as I have a unique perspective that would add to the conversation at the committee level.

I am most proud of bringing an understanding of legal services to our members as well as encouraging membership and leadership to new voices who normally do not choose to be part of the bar.

The most important thing for State Bar of Texas directors to understand is that they represent all the attorneys in their district and need to make those viewpoints known to the bar. Even more important is letting the attorneys in their district know about the myriad of benefits available from the bar.

In my opinion, technology is by far the most important issue facing Texas attorneys today, whether in the form of artificial intelligence or the responsibility of attorneys to keep up to date with the latest advances that affect the provision of legal services. The board addresses this by informing its members as well as advising on policies and regulations that affect the legal profession.

My fellow directors and I have improved the legal profession in Texas by providing information about bar services and educating members about changes to policies.

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