Elizabeth Sandoval Cantu

Interview by Will Korn

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sandoval Cantu

Chicago, Illinois
Position: Partner in Ramon Worthington Nicolas & Cantu in Edinburg
Board Member: At-large director since 2022

In my first six months as a bar director, I am proud of the work I am doing with the Performance Measures and Strategic Planning subcommittee. The members of this subcommittee are working hard to ensure the State Bar of Texas supports the administration of the legal system, ethics for lawyers, and equal access to justice. It’s rewarding to see and work with other lawyers who believe in our legal system and who want to advance it for all Texans.

I feel so fortunate to be meeting great lawyers from various parts of the great state of Texas.
You become part of a larger community of lawyers, and that gives you a sense of purpose outside your local area and firm. You feel empowered and challenged to be more than you are and to give back in a way you did not know was possible—at least not for me.

I will take the lessons of each committee, meeting, and event with me as I continue to grow my practice and career. We can always be better and do better, and the directors I have met inspire me to think about how to benefit my community and how to better serve my clients. I also believe we have an obligation to help those in less fortunate situations and to better our profession through civility and camaraderie. I will be a better person and lawyer because of my time as a director.

We are here to serve. So, we should listen to others and observe what is happening in our profession and state to determine how best to serve. We should be open to ideas, especially those that differ from our own, because change is growth.

Our chosen career path is stressful and full of sacrifice—personally and professionally. It is important to surround yourself with a healthy support network to lean on. A work family and personal family (in whatever form that may take) will help you maintain perspective and calm. I believe that longevity and true success in this profession requires that we always try to maintain composure and civility and to remember that everything must be balanced. It is tough to be a young lawyer, and though it may feel overwhelming, every lawyer, no matter the years in practice, has felt overwhelmed and out of their depth at some point. Remember you are not alone. Reach out to someone for help if you need it. Someone is always willing to step up.

I love to meal prep.
Cooking simple meals in the kitchen, with my three kids bustling in and out (talking about their days), fills me with a sense of peace and deep gratitude for the blessings in our lives. My husband of 23 years, Richie, and I love to watch foreign language films in the evenings and relax before the next hectic day begins. My twins are getting ready to head off to college, so we are taking in all the days we have left with them before this next chapter of our lives begins. I may take up golf once we become empty nesters in five years. My husband will love that! TBJ

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