Lydia Elizondo Mount

Interview by Will Korn

Photo courtesy of Lydia Elizondo Mount

Position: Founder of Mount Law, PLLC in McAllen
Board Member: District 12 since 2020

I developed an interest in business law early in life. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My parents, my brother, my oldest sister, and one of my aunts each owned their own business. I saw them at work, and I was able to see the day-to-day struggles that business owners tackle, often on their own. I now help businesses with entity formation, contracts, and employment matters, hoping to give them the advice and legal representation I saw others need to make their businesses thrive. My interest in intellectual property law stems from my teenage years when I worked at my aunt and uncle’s photography studio. In the bottom right corner of each photo, my aunt would write my uncle’s name in gold ink so that he was credited for his photos. It was their way of protecting their business and their brand. That is what I do now. I help creatives protect their passion, ideas, business, and brand through the use of trademarks, service marks, and copyrights.


Since I began my term as director for District 12, I have worked to bring awareness to the needs of the members of my district. District 12 encompasses 17 counties in South Texas, an area rich in culture with beautiful people, traditions, food, and a way of life that is unique to our area. For too long, the members of District 12 felt separate from the rest of the bar, not just in terms of distance but in lack of opportunities to participate in more bar-sponsored or related activities and committees. That is changing, as we saw in September of this year, when the State Bar held a board of directors meeting in McAllen, during which President Laura Gibson recognized a local attorney, Joseph A. Connors, III, with a resolution for his hard work and contribution to our community. I look forward to more opportunities for the great people of District 12 to participate in and be celebrated by the State Bar of Texas.


For me, the most rewarding aspects of being a State Bar of Texas director are the friendships and relationships I have made and fostered during my term. I have been privileged to meet many great people throughout my district as I work to keep the members of District 12 informed of the State Bar’s activities and the emergency orders issued by the Texas Supreme Court. I have also made friendships I know will last a lifetime, and for that, I am and will forever be immensely grateful.


As a solo practitioner, I’m accustomed to working alone. Being a director has reminded me of the benefits of working with others on committees and in sections, and that can only serve to benefit my career as I will undoubtedly continue my service, to the bar and my community, through my participation in various organizations like the Hidalgo County Bar Association, the Texas Bar Foundation, the McAllen Evening Rotary, and the St. Joseph Catholic Church Parish Council.


There is strength in numbers, and we must protect our ability to self-govern. We may sometimes disagree over policies and want to work to change them, but we must remain united while we address those proposed changes, as the State Bar of Texas stands as a nationwide example of how a state bar should function. That is only possible through our ability to self-govern.


When I am not practicing law, I enjoy spending time with my family; visiting my son, Michael Edward, in Austin; cooking; baking; reading; completing word search puzzles; and traveling with my husband, Bill. I also love watching Hallmark Christmas movies all year long. Jingle Bells!TBJ

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