Andrew Tolchin

Photo courtesy of Andrew Tolchin

Greater Houston
Position: Mediator at 713 Mediator, LLC in Houston and founder of “Texas Lawyers” Group
Board Member: District 4, Place 6 since 2020

When attorneys asked me questions about the bar, some I could answer, but many I could not.
I realized that I needed to become more involved, so I ran for director. In the process, I learned about how the State Bar of Texas has improved the quality of professional legal services rendered to Texans by the lawyers of the state. As now a twice-elected director, I stay current on the happenings of the bar and can better support our members and our bar at large.

Mediating full-time is so rewarding. I get to bring about resolution, and help folks save time and money.

It’s especially fulfilling when the attorneys and the parties say in advance the case cannot be settled, but through the mediation process, resolution is achieved. With so much stress in this world, I like being able to alleviate some of that from clients and the attorneys too.

My first term on the board, I proposed changes to the State Bar of Texas online attorney directory lookup tool.

The result was the addition of targeted and more expansive search parameters for languages spoken, for licenses held, and for fields of practice. These changes enabled the search tool to more so reflect the diversity and uniqueness of our membership and accommodate the search needs of the public we serve.

Volunteer. Attend meetings. Present and attend continuing legal education programs.

Ask someone in a bar leadership position, such as a State Bar section chair or local bar chair, where you can help out. It really does not matter if it is a local bar or the State Bar. You and your help will be appreciated. You will make wonderful new friends and contacts. Most importantly, you will have the potential to make a strong positive difference in the quality of legal services provided to the hard-working Texans.

It may be cliché, but it’s true: You really do get out what you put in.

Do what you love and love what you do, but family and health must come first.TBJ


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