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Nov 2021The authors of retirement articles in the TBJ consistently referred to the importance of finding a hobby or volunteer opportunity to stay active and engaged and to give back to the community. I want to encourage retiring attorneys who always enjoyed the practice of law but don’t want or need to continue a private practice to volunteer their time to help small businesses. SCORE, originally the Service Corps of Retired Executives, is an affiliate of the Small Business Administration composed of businessmen and businesswomen who volunteer their time to mentor budding entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. SCORE is a nationwide organization with chapters in all major cities. Attorneys who are SCORE mentors do not represent the client businesses, negotiate or prepare documents, or give legal opinions, since this is strictly a business counseling service. Instead, we provide a valuable service to our clients by explaining the legal process, simplifying legalese, and assisting with form filings with the secretary of state and comptroller. Extra added benefits are affiliating with other like-minded retirees, staying up to date in your area of legal specialty, making the law understandable to lay persons, growing the economy and jobs, improving the perception of lawyers in the community, and knowing you are making a material difference in the lives of these small business owners. Interested attorneys should check us out at

Rita Leader


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