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Essential Marketing Trends in 2021

Be purposeful in your content efforts

Written by Ruby L. Powers

2020 forever changed the practice of law and how to reach potential clients.Whether focusing on updating our firm’s website, implementing a customer relationship management tool, or creating video content to better serve our clients, lawyers adapted. Here are a few essential marketing trends to follow in 2021.

Online Client Reviews
Client feedback in the form of online reviews is more valuable than before fortwo reasons: Google weighs reviews more for search engine ranking than in years past and referrals have relied more on online reviews than word of mouth during COVID-19—not only for marketing purposes, but also to help improve the client experience. To ensure successful review collection, build systems to proactively collect client reviews on a regular basis and make the endeavor an entire firm-wide effort. Consider incentives for staff as well as procedures to include a request for review at least once before the case’s end, if not before. Develop a Net Promoter Scoresystem that regularly sends surveys to your clients to ask on a scale of 1-10 how likely they would recommend your firm to someone else. Depending on the results, keen clients can be sent a link for an online review and those who suggest room for improvement can be contacted to address concerns. Actively request reviews on various platforms, but Google, Facebook, Avvo, and LinkedIn have more value than others.

Online Video Content
With less in-person interaction, marketing trended more toward online video content in 2020, and now we can continue to refine it and grow our firm’s audience. When deciding which outlet to project video content, you must consider your ideal client. Whether Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram Live, LinkedIn, or TikTok, thereare many options to choose from that best suit your target.

There are many formats to choose from: pre-planned topics in a webinar style, answering questions like a radio show, guest experts, and/or news updates or some combination of the above. You really canstart with just a phone, tripod, and a free social media account that livestreams videos. Later, you can graduate to live streaming programs like StreamYard to take your videos to another level, post on multiple platforms at once, and add transcripts. With a paid Zoom account, you can even live stream on various platforms.

Make sure to be purposeful with your content and aim to funnel attention to your firm via the website, newsletter,and/or social media accounts to stay connected. Additionally, as with everything, calculate the return on investment and value add of the time and work spent on the content creation and production.

Google My Business/SearchEngine Optimization
Most firms by now have a Google MyBusiness account. It’s free and allows your firm to show up in search engine optimization, or SEO, results with all key information in one place (contact information, Google Map, website, reviews, hours of operation, and more). But don’t let the simplicity fool you; make sure you either review it regularly or hire experts to optimize your account to fully engage with your potential clients and maximize your SEO potential.

SEO is always a moving target because search algorithms are constantly evolving. People are treating search engine experiences, be they web-based, mobile, or voice-activated, as conversational. They use lay person language, for inquiries like “Can I apply for a work visa if...” or “What do I need for the asylum application...”. Make sure to stay updated on what your potential clients need to know and their frequently asked questions. Next, create content that answers those potential questions and use vocabulary clients use while searching.

Even though the last year has brought many changes to the expectations clients have for law practitioners, make an added focus on online client reviews, online video content, and maximizing your Google MyBusiness and SEO potential in 2021! TBJ

Headshot of Ruby PowersRUBY L. POWERS is the founder of Powers Law Group, a Houston-based, full-service immigration law firm and is certified in immigration and nationality law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She authored the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing YourMind). Powers is a law practice management consultant and coach with Powers Strategy Group ( She has served as AILA’s Law Practice Management chair and on the State Bar of Texas Law Practice Management Committee and the AILA Innovation Task Force. Powers currently serves on the Houston Bar Association Law Practice Management Section board and AILA Media Advocacy Committee. Connect with her at Find more law practice management tips at

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