State Bar Director Spotlight

Luis M. Cardenas

Interview by Eric Quitugua

Photo courtesy of Luis M. Cardenas

Position: Founding partner in Escobedo & Cardenas in Edinburg
Board Member: At-large director since 2019

Becoming a lawyer was something that evolved over time.
But looking back now on the decision to become a lawyer there is no doubt it was the right path.

Success comes in different ways for different people.
Being a founding partner in my own law firm always signified a level of accomplishment to me. There is something about charting your own path that always appealed to me. Founding my law firm, Escobedo & Cardenas, gave me great satisfaction, but it is also a testament to those who I have learned from and who have supported me throughout my career.

My partner, Joe Escobedo, had a great term as director and then chair of the board of directors.
Seeing his incredibly positive experience and working with such dedicated lawyers on the Pattern Jury Charges committees inspired me to become more involved in the State Bar and led me to want to become a director.

Many people are unaware of the limitations
of what the State Bar Board of Directors can and cannot do. Sometimes the toughest thing to do is stay within those limitations even though every part of you wants to take action.

The State Bar provides many benefits that some members probably do not realize.
The bar often sends informative and helpful communications regarding member benefits. Reading up and logging on to the State Bar website may be a real eye-opener to some of our members.

The bar does a great deal for its members within the constraints of the founding purpose and mission statement.
I think the bar strikes the right balance in providing services for the membership.

Obviously, emerging from COVID-19 will be the priority for Texas attorneys.
I’m sure most lawyers are yearning to have more face-to-face interactions and return to our pre-COVID-19 practices, although hopefully with some improvements in efficiency brought about by the pandemic. And, of course, live jury trials! The bar will provide relevant CLE, keep the membership informed and, of course, provide essential services despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The board of directors has improved the legal profession by
focusing on and improving diversity in the profession and in the State Bar and by working to ensure the bar is inclusive and welcoming to lawyers of all backgrounds and encouraging them to participate in the State Bar.

I still want to see the bar continue to improve on its diversity and inclusion.
It cannot be a one-time thing or something we focus on during one person’s term. It should always be a constant and continuing effort on everyone’s part.

Contacting your district director is the best way to raise issues with the board.
District directors are there to listen to their constituents and try to effectuate positive suggestions they receive from members.TBJ


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