State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2021

Annual Meeting Resolutions Deadline is April 1

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According to State Bar board policy, resolutions must be filed at the Texas Law Center by April 1, 2021, to be considered at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting in 2021. State Bar rules require that proposed resolutions be filed with the executive director, according to the stipulations in 1.19.06 of the Board Policy Manual, available at

Summary of 1.19.06 Procedures for Submitting Resolutions

  • Each resolution submitted to the Annual Meeting Resolution Committee shall be submitted in printed or electronic form.

  • If any document is referred to within a resolution, a copy of the document or its relevant portion must be included with the resolution.

  • Each resolution shall include a statement indicating whether it has been approved by any local bar association or by any section or committee of the State Bar. Every proposed resolution must be accompanied by a concise statement of the proponent(s) setting forth the dates of all prior submissions of any substantially similar resolution and the action taken thereon by the annual meeting resolutions committee, the general assembly, and the board.

  • Each resolution shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the person or persons submitting the resolution and shall be signed by such person or persons.

  • All resolutions must be filed with the executive director by April 1 unless the time for filing has been waived by the board.

  • If one or more resolutions are submitted, notice of that fact shall be published in the May issue of the Texas Bar Journal with a link to the online posting of each resolution.

  • Refer to Board Policy Manual 1.19.06 for the complete procedures.

Proposed resolutions should be sent in care of:
State Bar Executive Director
P.O. Box 12487 • Austin, TX 78711-2487

Questions should be directed to:
Chielsey Barber, Officers and Directors
P.O. Box 12487 • Austin, TX 78711-2487
800-204-2222, ext. 1416, or


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