Choose to Be Grateful

2020 is finally winding to a close. For many, the first thing that comes to mind is Good Riddance! Throw the WHOLE YEAR away! I would be lying if I said these thoughts have not crossed my mind. This unprecedented year has been a roller coaster of emotions and utter chaos. It is hard not to dwell on all the negative things that have transpired. Like many of you, I have lost loved ones and did not get to say goodbye. I miss being able to drive down to Austin and spend time with my family. I have had to get used to this new way of living and practicing law from the confines of my home. However, this December, I am choosing to look back on the good that has occurred, take pride in the things I have accomplished this year, and choose to be grateful. At the end of the day, we are enduring and doing the best we can. Give yourself a hand!

The Texas Young Lawyers Association has worked hard these first two quarters to continue serving the public, our members, and our future members. Our board has come together and developed many projects already without ever getting a chance to meet in person. At our second quarter board meeting, I was amazed at all of the things our members have accomplished since September. To name a few:

  • Launched the Practice Areas 101 podcast series;

  • Launched another season of Young Gunners, a podcast that focuses on business development strategies for young lawyers;

  • Launched a social media campaign featuring Texas-based celebrities, such as Liza Koshy and Bri Bagwell, to encourage all eligible voters to get out and vote; and

  • Zoomed across the state with our TYLA Virtual Roadshows featuring young lawyers Brandon Draper and Jackie Furlow in Houston.


TYLA Pres Page
From left to right: David Hagan (Longview) and Johnathan Stone (Austin) were honored at the TYLA second quarter virtual board meeting.

We also honored our Second Quarter Small City and Large City Champs at our virtual meeting in November. Our previous Small City Champ passed the belt to Dave Hagan, of Longview. Hagan is a second-year TYLA director and has been instrumental in developing our expunction clinic materials. Our previous Large City Champ passed the belt to Johnathan Stone, of Austin. Stone is a second-year TYLA director and our “rules guru.” He led the development of new rules to govern our virtual advocacy competitions as well as our Evidence Guide, which we plan to distribute in the spring. Both directors have shown great leadership, and their hard work is invaluable.

This December will look a lot different than most years, but I encourage you to make the most of it. Create new traditions with your friends and family. Organize a virtual gathering for games and good times. Binge watch the latest Hallmark movies. Take some much-needed time off for self-care. Though we have all struggled this year, let’s choose to be grateful for the positive things. We are resilient and will turn things around in 2021. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you next year!

2020-2021 President, Texas Young Lawyers Association

For more information on TYLA, contact them at tyla@texasbar.com or go to tyla.org.


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