State Bar Director Spotlight

Marc Gravely

Interview by Eric Quitugua

Photo courtesy of Olivia Consol

San Antonio
Position: Founder of and managing partner in Gravely P.C. in San Antonio and Plano
Board Member: District 10, Place 1 since 2018

I was in a graduate program for anatomy and neurobiology and had studied biology and chemistry in undergraduate school.
I realized after the first semester that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I’m not one of those folks who had always wanted to be a lawyer—the thought had never crossed my mind before. So, as I looked at my future, being a lawyer seemed like a challenging career and, as I have found out, a great way to help people.

At the start I wanted to learn everything.

I was the resident appellate lawyer, took depositions, and did all the hearings and trial work. After a while, I came to believe that specializing in one or two areas would help me achieve some economies of scale and effort. So my goal became being as educated as I could in a couple of areas. My aha! moment came after about my first three trials that it’s not rocket science.

The biggest takeaway

I have if asked is that relationships matter the most.

I decided to become involved in the State Bar of Texas

when then-President Joe K. Longley asked me to serve on the board.

I accepted the appointment by President Longley because

I wanted to learn more about how we as lawyers govern ourselves and how the State Bar functions.

My proudest accomplishment

has been the professional friendships I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained about how the bar actually works. I have also gained a deep appreciation for the people at the bar who make it all work.

The most important thing for directors to understand

is that we all have to work together to achieve our goals.

Some of the challenges lately have centered on

the meetings of the bar during the COVID-19 situation. Coming together as directors is so very important, and the folks at the State Bar have gone above and beyond to make it all happen.

A few of the little known ways the bar serves its members

are the multiple and varied programs offered by the bar. There really is something there every lawyer can benefit from.TBJ


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