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You Can Land Clients Despite Corona

Ramp up business development to keep your firm afloat

Written by Martha M. Newman

Lawyers have a unique opportunity now to win new business and get more work from existing clients despite social distancing and the slow reopening of the economy. Thanks to the internet and social media, lawyers can capture clients remotely even without face-to-face contact.

Remain Visible
Competition for business this year is fiercer than ever. Attorneys who have lost their jobs are seeking contract work, and lawyers whose client rosters have shrunk are all vying for a smaller pool of clients. To be successful, lawyers must find creative ways to raise their visibility. One way is to publish compelling content and disseminate it on multiple platforms.

Utilize Content Marketing
Attorneys spend much of their time writing contracts, briefs, and other legal documents. You can leverage your writing skills for marketing purposes by producing original content that not only keeps you top of mind with clients, but also builds your standing as an authority in your field and reinforces your credibility with referral sources and prospective clients.

Create a Marketing Content Plan
Talk to your current clients and referral sources about the problems they and their businesses are experiencing as a result of the virus shutdown. Search the internet for news and analyses about how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the kinds of companies and clients you service. Then compile a list of at least eight topics and produce one article or more per month during the coming months.

Give clients and prospects information they are unlikely to get anywhere else and showcase your expertise in finding legal solutions for the specific problems they are facing (following ethical guidelines about non-solicitation of business). Now you must spread your content across the web for maximum benefit.

Turn Facebook and LinkedIn Into Marketing Tools
ABA Journal writer Larry Bodine says, “54%of consumers say they’d be likely to hire a lawyer with an active social media presence.” So, post your articles to your connections as LinkedIn updates, contribute your content to LinkedIn discussion groups, and post content on your Facebook page that will be read by clients and prospects you want to bring on board.

Launch Your Blog
According to a 2019 article in SEO Tribunal, law firms that blog and push posts out to social media gain 97% more links to their websites than those that do not and blogs increase website traffic by up to six times. Remember—blogging takes time, energy, and discipline but brings in desperately needed clients and leaves your budget untouched.

Put Your Face on Video
Law firms with video incorporated into their websites see a 41% increase in potential clients visiting their sites, according to Clients and potential clients naturally prefer watching a two-minute video over reading a two-page article. With a high-definition camcorder, a tripod, and video editing software you can produce short videos from your home office and feature them on your website and social media.

Recycle Your Blog Posts as Podcast Content
Podcasts are another powerful way to raise your profile and reach your connections inexpensively. You need a good mic, a quiet space, and well-written content at your fingertips. Take an online course and learn how to convert articles you have already written into audio.

Beef Up Your Website
Calin Yablonski writes on that an overwhelming 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine and 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website before make a hiring decision. User-centric websites that show viewers what is in it for them to visit the website and grab readers’ attention with slick design and meaningful, fresh content enhance your chances of converting prospects into clients.

Tap Your Network
The fear and insecurities your clients and prospects are facing now make it more important than ever to connect with them personally. Schedule at least five off-the-clock calls each week to listen and offer guidance on how to navigate the legal challenges posed by COVID-19. TBJ

Ken WiseMARTHA M. NEWMAN is a former oil and gas litigator and owner of Top Lawyer Coach. She specializes in lawyer coaching and consulting in the areas of law firm management, business development, leadership, time management, presentation skills, career advancement, and job interviewing. Newman has been awarded the Professional Certified Coach, or PCC, credential by the International Coach Federation in recognition of her coaching excellence. For more information, go to

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