District 8, Place 2

Katie A. Fillmore

Katie Fillmore practices civil defense litigation at Butler Snow LLP in Austin.  Before joining private practice, Katie worked for the government for the First Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Texas.

Katie is currently serving as Director for TYLA District 8 and seeks reelection to serve a second term.  As a TYLA Director, Katie has co-chaired The Choice (2018–Present), co-chaired online member services (2019–Present), and is a member of the Musicians: Know Your Rights project (2019-Present). 

Katie has been on the Austin Young Lawyers Board for ten years, including Director (2011-2013), Secretary (2013-2014), Treasurer (2014-2015), President Elect (2015-2016), President (2016-2017), Past President (2017-2018), and TYLA Liaison (2018-Present).  She is also on the leadership of the international legal organization, Defense Research Institute (DRI).

She received a B.S. in Advertising from University of Texas in 2006 and a J.D. from Baylor Law in 2009.

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