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The Texas Young Lawyers Association adopted a tag line years ago: “Be an Uncommon Leader.” This year, I was afforded the humbling privilege to serve this amazing group of “uncommon leaders” as president.

I’ve enjoyed the unique perspective of watching them do some amazing things for the State Bar of Texas and the general public. As president, there’s not much personal heavy lifting when it comes to projects. Most of the work as president revolves around being a champion of the great work conducted by our TYLA Board of Directors.

In this month’s article, I want to highlight the people who actually get all the work done for TYLA.

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TYLA Board

We take pride in our board’s diversity. Our directors represent distinct practice areas, geographic regions, and various ethnicities and genders. That creates a rich environment where collaborative ideas are constantly being created and implemented to further our mission in serving others.

Despite the group’s diversity, I’ve watched with admiration as all directors have uniformly displayed great optimism, thoughtfulness, focus, authenticity, fairness, and passionate pursuits of perfection. Over the course of this year, we’ve challenged each other to give our very best to this organization and the people we serve. We’ve even adopted a couple of new hashtags, #bettertogether and #uncommonleaders.

Our annual slate of new TYLA projects relies on the insane amount of voluntary hours committed by our directors. In addition, many of our directors are owners, principals, or managing partners at their law firms while others balance soccer games, dance recitals, and other school activities that are required of young families. Then, other superstar directors find ways to do absolutely “all the things.”

These directors are unique and uncommon leaders.

There is still more work to finish as we slowly wind up this bar year. However, I want to take this moment to recognize and thank our esteemed group of leaders on the 2019-2020 TYLA Board of Directors for their selfless service and commitment to the State Bar of Texas and Texas Young Lawyers Association. Their sacrifices are sincerely appreciated.

As with any organization, there is a special core group that preserves the legacy of its work. For TYLA, this small group of uncommon leaders also maintains calendars, budgets, and other resources needed by the board and helps to organize and facilitate all of our quarterly meetings, the National Trial Competition, and State Moot Court Competition. These leaders have been with TYLA before any of our current directors joined the board, and we hope they remain part of the organization for years to come.

TYLA Pres Page
Michelle Palacios, Bree Trevino, and Tracy Brown

These women are instrumental to TYLA’s success in continuing to lead the state and country in providing valuable resources for young lawyers. Tracy Brown, Bree Trevino, and Michelle Palacios, thank you for your service to the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Young Lawyers Association. Each of you truly makes serving a worthy and fulfilling experience.

If anyone has a desire to serve on the TYLA Board of Directors, we’d love to have you join this remarkable team. We recommend that you reach out to your local young lawyer affiliate for more information about serving as a TYLA director or contact our office for more information at tyla@texasbar.com.

Better Together,


2019-2020 President,
Texas Young Lawyers Association


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