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Dallas Bar mentoring program helps new lawyers get connected.
An excerpt from the State Bar of Texas Podcast

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Anna Rol has experienced the Dallas Bar Association’s Transition to Law Practice Program from both sides. A 2014 law school graduate, Rol entered the program as a mentee and thrived, growing so close to a small-group adviser that Rol asked her to be maid of honor in her wedding. Rol, an attorney with Baron & Budd’s pharmaceutical litigation group, has been an enthusiastic mentor since then and co-chaired the program last year.

In this edited excerpt from the January episode of the State Bar of Texas Podcast, Rol talks with host Rocky Dhir about how mentors and mentees both benefit from the program—which inspired the State Bar of Texas’ Transition to Practice program—and how lawyers can get involved in mentoring.

Do you think being a mentor has helped you become an even better lawyer, or did you get more from being a mentee?

I think you get a lot from this program from any role within it. We have a large group of mentors that come back year after year, and we’re really grateful for everyone who is involved in the program and for the contributions that everyone gives. I truly believe that everyone finds it a rewarding experience, whether it’s making new friends, getting fresh perspectives, making connections that could lead to referrals, or connections that could lead to promotions and new jobs. So everyone has something to benefit from this program.

What about you? What have you enjoyed most about it?

I find the connections to be the most rewarding aspect of the program. Seeing friendships made, seeing business relationships made, and being able to help foster that. My adviser when I was a mentee was maid of honor in my wedding. I keep in touch with many people from the program year after year, even ones that are not currently involved in the program.

How do mentors or mentees sign up and be involved in this program?

Kathryn Zack with the Dallas Bar Association is always the best point of contact, and then she can put anyone who’s interested in getting involved in touch with whoever is in leadership for that particular year.TBJ

To listen to the full podcast, go to texasbar.com/podcast or legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts.

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