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Hard Rock and Hair Metal

Rockwall attorney Nathan Majors channels the music of the '80s

Interview by Adam Faderewski

Nathan Majors and Matt Smith perform as Guns N' Roses onstage.
Bassist Nathan “Duff” Majors plays next to lead guitarist Matt “Slash” Smith during a recent performance by his Guns N’ Roses cover band, The Guns N’ Roses Experience. Photo courtesy of Nathan Majors.

When attorney Nathan Majors leaves the courtroom and his office behind for the day, the sharp-dressed man transforms into an ’80s hair band bassist. Donning leather pants, a wig, and a bandana, Majors looks like a nigh-perfect copy of Guns N’ Roses longtime bassist Duff McKagan. Channeling the spirit of the critically acclaimed 1987 album Appetite for Destruction, Majors’ band, The Guns N’ Roses Experience, draws the audience back to their youth and the days when the IROC was the automobile of choice for hard rock fans. Majors plays the club scene in the DFW Metroplex.

When did you start playing bass?
Believe it or not, I didn’t pick up a bass guitar until I was 40.

How long have you been playing with your band?
My current project is called The Guns N’ Roses Experience. It is a tribute to Guns N’ Roses. We’ve been in this project for about a year. Prior to that, we were doing a tribute to Chris Cornell—the former vocalist for Soundgarden and Audioslave—called SoundSlave and we also had a cover band playing more modern rock songs. It’s pretty much been the same guys through each project, and we’ve been playing together about three years.

How did the band come together?
I’ve started every project I’ve been in. If you start the band, you don’t have to audition! I originally put ads out on Craigslist.

Who would you consider your inspiration?
Guns N’ Roses has always been my favorite band. I’ve gone as far as having the lyrics to the song “Rocket Queen” tattooed on my arm. We work really hard to give people an experience where they can relive being 17 driving around with Appetite for Destruction blasting out the speakers of their Camaro.

Do you mostly play covers or original material?
Only covers, no originals. A couple of guys in the band have an original project, but for me, the fun is learning and then playing the songs I’ve played air guitar to all these years.

Where do you usually play?
We usually play in bars and clubs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and mostly in the suburbs. The people who come to see us are in their 40s and 50s and don’t like to stray too far from home.

Profile Picture of Nathan Majors
Rockwall attorney Nathan Majors exchanges his courtroom attire for the hard rock, hair metal look on weekends and evenings. Photo by Rebecca McDaniel.

What has been your biggest or most exciting gig to date?
We recently played at Gas Monkey Live! on a bill with three other tributes. There was close to 1,000 people in the audience. It was the first time I could hear the audience singing the songs back to us. That was great.

Do you play any other instruments?
I originally picked up the guitar. I spent a few years taking lessons and trying to play. It just wasn’t for me. I figured bass was only four strings so it had to be easier. It’s been my one and only instrument ever since.

Any additional musical interests?
I grew up in the ’80s so I’ve been a huge fan of that era’s hard rock bands. I also have a real passion for Texas country music. Once I get tired of wearing a wig and leather pants I’ll be learning how to play country bass. But for now, people can check me out on our band web-site at TBJ

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