Thank You to All Who Provide Free Legal Services

The 2019 National Celebration of Pro Bono takes place October 20-26. The State Bar of Texas recognizes and thanks those attorneys who provide “traditional” pro bono legal services—for public good and society as a whole. Many legal services groups and providers, clinics, Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator attorneys, and individual volunteer lawyers throughout Texas represent and serve thousands of people who would otherwise not have access to a lawyer or our justice system. Each of you is a hero, and our justice system would not function as well without you!

I encourage anyone interested in participating in the organized access to justice effort to check out one of the four resources listed below. There is an opportunity for every lawyer to become involved—including retired lawyers, lawyers who work from home, transactional or corporate lawyers, and those who don’t mind going to the courthouse. Many lawyers enjoy great personal satisfaction when assisting others who need the help of a lawyer.

I also want to recognize and thank the many thousands of lawyers outside the formal pro bono setting who provide free legal advice and legal services to their neighbors, community groups, and even to existing or potential clients who just need some legal help. You also make our society better using your knowledge and skill to advise small-business owners, to help civilly resolve or avoid disputes, and sometimes by fully handling matters—all without getting paid. I have done this for 33 years and know it makes a difference for those I help.

Check out these resources on the State Bar website to find out ways you can participate in a formal pro bono program. I wish each of you the very best.—You can search for pro bono opportunities based on your criteria.
—You can anonymously answer questions in civil law posed online by income-qualified individuals.

Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans
—You can participate in pro bono clinics throughout Texas to help our military veterans.

New Opportunities Volunteer Attorney (NOVA) Pro Bono Program
—Inactive members of the State Bar of Texas and lawyers licensed in other states are now eligible to do pro bono.

Randy Sorrels

2019-2020 President, State Bar of Texas

Randy Sorrels can be reached by email at or by phone at (713) 222-7211 (office) or (713) 582-8005 (cell).


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