Be a Point of Light

Our family has a special picture that has been a source of encouragement over the past 11 years. The dark dense fog and torrential rain mute the stars and moonlight. Mountainous waves whip up only to slap the ocean back down. A sole structure stands in the middle as the waves pound it repeatedly. Still, the lighthouse stands unmoved. Its light provides a beacon of hope and safety for all still trapped in the storm.

Our family has experienced our share of storms. Many times it seemed like there was no way out. However, by living in community with other light carriers who were willing to serve, our faith was strengthened and we persevered together. We all experience difficult life trials and storms. Many of us have been fortunate to experience the generosity of another’s selfless act of service. We should all try to be a point of light.

Serving others does more than improve the communities that we live in. Sharing that light of hope enriches our lives by providing purpose and perspective.

The State Bar of Texas has tasked the Texas Young Lawyers Association with executing its public service and attorney outreach. TYLA’s directors—a group of more than 40—all are extremely passionate about the work they do for the underserved and fellow Texas attorneys. Additionally, each director has a story of how service to others transformed lives and practices.

This year, our team of directors will continue its service by focusing on attorney wellness. In the April issue of the Texas Bar Journal, we described at length the need to address a national and state epidemic. According to some sources, roughly 1 in 3 lawyers practicing 10 years or less suffers from alcohol or substance abuse or mental health issues, such as depression. Last month, another Texas attorney decided that the storm he was experiencing was too much and took his own life.

Just like that picture in our home of the ocean’s storm, many Texas attorneys are drowning in a fight for their lives, trying to find a glimmer of hope. Nobody should feel that alone.

TYLA is looking for more light carriers. This year TYLA will have plenty of opportunities for individual attorneys, law firms, and local affiliates to join our mission to serve those attorneys that need help the most. Do you want to help serve?

TYLA has established the Attorney Wellness Committee, which will create and organize the TYLA Attorney Wellness Information Hub that will include videos, podcasts, and other media content that will link to more substantive and helpful attorney wellness articles and resources. Additionally, TYLA directors will travel the state hosting various CLE Roadshows that will each include an attorney wellness discussion panel. The Breaking the Silence—Breaking the Stigma and Compassion Fatigue discussion panels will be among the many presentations shared across Texas this year.

If you are part of a law firm or local affiliate that is interested in helping host a TYLA CLE Roadshow or attorney wellness discussion panel or have other ideas to help TYLA’s attorney wellness initiative, please email the Texas Young Lawyers Association at tyla@texasbar.com.

Be a point of light. It will be life changing.

Better Together,


2019-2020 President, Texas Young Lawyers Association


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