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Work Life

RE: “Owning His Life,” March 2019, P. 158
@LawDog1515 Read the article in Texas Bar Journal. @statebaroftexas Congratulations and thank you for the encouragement. #keepmoving
Tamera Bennett, @tamerabennett on Twitter

State of Judiciary

RE: “The State of the Judiciary in Texas,” March 2019, P. 162
Congratulations, to Chief Justice Hecht for another excellent, insightful State of the Judiciary address. Our bail system is a personal and economic disaster for thousands of citizens who have never been convicted of any crime, who are presumed innocent of charges against them, but are too poor to afford a bail bond. The societal costs are enormous, not least of which is maintaining innocent poor people in jail until their cases are resolved in court.
George Butts on Facebook

RE: Texas Bar Journal
Really enjoying the direction the @statebaroftexas has gone with the Bar Journal. When I became a member 10 years ago it was a fuddy-duddy throwback that was pretty boring to read. Now it’s full of modern insights & pushes typically conservative boundaries.
Louis Molnár T.O., @limolnar on Twitter


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