Moving Forward Together!

Editor’s Note: President Joe K. Longley’s column will return next month.

“If we are not going to look after ourselves as lawyers, who will?”1

As I campaigned last year, I was often asked, “What does the State Bar of Texas do for me?” Sometimes lawyers even asked me with a bit of skepticism or cynicism—traits that often serve us well in our profession. I get it. One of the functions of the State Bar is to serve our lawyers. So here is my answer:

1. The State Bar offers many benefits for Texas lawyers; and

2. The State Bar can still do more.

As to the first part, I am asking State Bar staff to increase awareness of the benefits that are currently available, such as our free legal research tools, a free AD&D policy, the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program, our free Ethics Helpline, access to group and solo health insurance options, and consumer discounts to help lawyers personally and professionally. For many Texas lawyers, your membership dues will be more than repaid by taking advantage of the already existing benefits.

And I know we can still do more. Moving forward, more lawyer-friendly benefits that positively impact our lives are needed. In this next year, our State Bar will focus more energy on improving our work lives and our “outside of work” lives. We want your help though. Texas lawyers are well positioned to collaborate on ideas that advance progress and betterment for our profession. Let me hear from you with your thoughts, ideas, and even criticisms.

I recognize that some are challenging our existence as a unified bar, but we are continuing to move forward with something productive for lawyers. I know our best accomplishments and achievements are still in front of us, and together, we can cultivate a future for ourselves and future lawyers that we can be proud of.

Randy Sorrels

State Bar of Texas

Randy Sorrels can be reached by email at or by phone at (713) 222-7211 (office) or (713) 582-8005 (cell).


1. Randall O. Sorrels, April 2019.

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