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RE: “The #MeToo Movement,” December 2018, P. 852
Sexual harassment, sexual orientation discrimination, gender discrimination is unacceptable! And these kinds of claims should not be taken lightly. In fact, when it comes to resolving these disgusting and unacceptable conducts, it should be resolved to the victims’ satisfaction according to the facts, admissible evidence that meets the requirements of the elements of the law that was written to govern the issue.
Fabian McIntyre on Facebook

RE: “State Bar Director Spotlight: Sarah C. Keathley,” December 2018, P. 844

An honor to serve with you, Sarah Keathley!
Jarrod Foerster on Facebook

The Federal Courts

RE: “TYLA President’s Page: Proud to Be an American,” December 2018, P. 914
Look what I just spotted in the @statebaroftexas Journal! Thanks to @TexYoungLawyers, Sally Pretorius @LaLawyerista, and Britney Harrison for this wonderful gift of books for my CPS kids in court
Judge Emily Miskel (@emilymiskel) on Twitter



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