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Re: “ATJ Pro Bono Champion: Dennis J. Windscheffel,” October 2018, P. 758

Dennis WindscheffelReading about someone like Dennis Windscheffel makes me so, so proud that I chose to become a lawyer. His pro bono work, but also the compassion that speaks from what he writes—“They are incredibly appreciative of any help they might receive”—is a gentle invitation to others to try to do the same.

In a cynical world, Dennis, you really inspire. Thank you. MOLLY SHANNON, Austin


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RE: “In?Recess: Transformer,” October 2018, P. 670
Always love seeing lawyers do good by their communities.
Rudy Metayer (@rmetayer) on Twitter


RE: “Technology: The Battle Over Biometrics,” October 2018, P. 674
Interesting read on #biometrics laws! @therealjohnbrow
Paul F. Wright (@PFWRIGHT) on Twitter

RE: “Leadership Role,” October 2018, P. 686

Great info! Thanks!
ElevatePoint (@ElevatePoint) on Twitter

Great summaries of important laws.
Lisa M. Angelo (@Lisa_M_Angelo) on Twitter

RE: “Privileges,” October 2018, P. 690

Dare to learn cybersecurity to protect your law firm!
Future Texas Lawyers on Facebook


RE: “Equitable Adoption,” October 2018, P. 682
Excellent article. This is exceptionally tricky stuff that many attorneys who don’t focus solely on work in the probate courts don’t know enough about, let alone their clients! I just had the first one of these cases that I thought was good enough to present to the court recently. I’ve had others that weren’t good enough to do so and didn’t. I was delighted to prevail on the one I did!
Marjorie Perry on Facebook

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