March 2024 | Vol. 86, No. 3

Oil & Gas Law: A look at the risks and legal issues facing the industry.

Plus: How lawyers can maximize their speaking engagements.

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Ability to Pay Guidance for Texas Courts and Practitioners

State Bar of Texas 2024-2025 Proposed Combined Budget

Oil and Gas Company Lawyers
Navigating the ESG landscape.
Written by Rob Evans, Gerry Pels, Jon Daly, and Tyler Self

Old Wells
A new frontier for crypto mining and complaints.
Written by Miles O. Indest and Yasser A. Madriz

A Line In (and Under) the Sand
Identifying and minimizing subsurface trespass risk associated with subsurface CO2 migration.
Written by William A. Moss and James “JJ” McAnelly III

The Texas Courthouse Renaissance

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program.
Written by James McKinnis

Summary of Proposed Amendments

State Bar of Texas Rules Vote

2024-2025 TYLA President-elect
Candidates and Executive Committee Election

Supreme Court of Texas Order
Final Approval of Amendments to Texas Rules of
Appellate Procedure 9.3, 9.5, 53.2, and 53.3.

Supreme Court of Texas Order
Preliminary Approval of Rules for the Business Court.

Supreme Court of Texas Order
Preliminary Approval of Amendments to the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure Related to the Fifteenth Court of Appeals.


Executive Director’s Page
Investing in Our Bar’s Future
Written by Trey Apffel

President’s Page
Blazing a Legal Trail Across Texas
Written by Cindy Tisdale

State Bar Board Update
Board Receives Updates on AI Task Force, Access to Justice Proposals Potential change in dues rates in 2025 discussed.
Written by Lowell Brown

State Bar Director Spotlight
Nitin Sud

Legal Tech
Oral Communication
The Federal Wiretap Act protected a driver’s reasonable expectation of privacy in the cab of his employer’s truck.
Written by Pierre Grosdidier

Ethics Question of The Month

TYLA President’s Page
This One’s for the Girls (Women in the Law)
Written by Laura Pratt

Solo/Small Firm
Speaking Engagements Fifteen tips for lawyers to maximize your presentation.
Written by Pat Rafferty

Disciplinary Actions

Movers and Shakers


Classified Advertising

News From Around the Bar

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