2023 Year in Review

The Texas Bar Journal Board of Editors has assembled a series of articles highlighting significant developments to the legal profession and caselaw over the past year. The topics featured are not exhaustive, and the opinions reflect only the views of the authors.

Antitrust and Business Litigation
By Emily Westridge Black And Sophie Copenhaver

Appellate Law
By Warren W. Harris and Tracy C. Temple

Bankruptcy Law
By Duston Mcfaul, Maegan Quejada, and Veronica Courtney

Consumer Law  
By Jon-Ross Trevino and Newton Tamayo

Criminal Law
By Patrick S. Metze and Megan Gower

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy  
By Shawn E. Tuma

Environmental Law         
By Natasha J. Martin and Bobby M. Salehi

Estate Planning and Probate Law              
By Gerry W. Beyer

Family Law         
By Samantha E. Frazier and Tasha Wilson

Immigration and Nationality Law
By Teresa Coles-Davila and Ross Miller

Insurance Law   
By Jeannie Nguyen

Labor and Employment Law       
By Trang Q. Tran

Oil, Gas, and Energy Law              
By Austin W. Brister

Personal Injury Law        
By Julian C. Gomez

Real Estate Law 
By Roland Love

Tax Law
By Renesha N. Fountain

Texas Access To Justice
By Harriet Miers

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