July/August 2023 | Vol. 86, No. 7

143rd President of the State Bar of Texas Cindy Tisdale

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‘Seek Out Not Only Those Who Can Help You, But Also Those You Can Help’
Texas’ newest lawyers take the oath.
Written by Will Korn

Law Day 2023 Contest Winners

Help Us Help You
Top 10 appellate mistakes in the trial courts.
Written by Elana Einhorn, Melissa Lorber, Amanda G. Taylor, and Maitreya Tomlinson

Voir Dire
A look at the process and 10 quick tips for success.
Written by David Brenner

From Victim to Advocate

A life education in zealous yet compassionate representation.
Written by Belinda May Arambula

Concurrent Jurisdiction in Post-Conviction Misdemeanor Writs of Habeas Corpus
Advantageous for both defendant and state.
Written by Hank Wilkins

Learning Opportunities
State Bar of Texas President Cindy Tisdale on taking chances and saying yes.
Interview by Patricia Busa McConnico

Committee Reports

Section Reports

‘My Life Is Very Full, and I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way’
Lubbock attorney Laura Pratt uses her Texas Young Lawyers Association presidency to equip students for adulthood.
Interview by Eric Quitugua

Supreme Court of Texas Order
Final approval of Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 306b and Texas Rule of Judicial Administration 17 and amendments to Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 25.1, 28.4, and 32.1 and Texas Rule of Judicial Administration 6.2.


Executive Director's Page
Looking Back—and Ahead, as a New Bar Year Begins
Written by Trey Apffel

In Recess
‘I Don't Want to be on Defense’
Fort Worth attorney Victoria Cornett Talks MMA and why she doesn’t like playing defense.
Witten by Eric Quitugua

President's Page
In the Spirit of Helping Others
Written by Cindy Tisdale

Managing Expectations
Personal cloud storage account warrantless search breached the Fourth Amendment.

Ethics Question of the Month

State Bar Director Spotlight
Kennon Wooten
Interview by Will Korn

TYLA President’s Page
Not a Solo Act
Written by Laura Pratt

Solo/Small Firm
Building a Better Website
Seven tips to make your site more effective.
Written by Zack McKamie

Disciplinary Actions

Movers and Shakers



You Don't See That Every Day
Written by John Browning

News From Around the Bar

Pro Bono Spotlight
Gary Krupkin
Interview by Will Korn

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