This is one issue that we–and many of our readers–particularly look forward to.

Storytelling is alive and well, and the Texas Bar Journal relishes the opportunity to share some of it with you. We’d like to extend an appreciative thank you to the 15 writers who submitted entries to the 2023 competition.

To keep the contest fair and impartial, author names were removed from each entry. Two panels of judges faced the challenging task of selecting the winners, and for each round, the same evaluation form was used for consistency. Five entries advanced to the final round, which was judged by Pamela Buchmeyer, of Dallas and Jupiter, Florida; Mike Farris, of Dallas; and last year’s winner, Jeff Kramer, of Dallas.

The winner, “Once More Into the Breach,” by Kenneth Muir, earned the highest number of points.

We hope you enjoy these creative short stories as much as we did.


Please congratulate these attorney-authors for making it through the competitive first round of judging to the finals.

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