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Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law or Can a Computer Think Like a Lawyer
From Business Disputes Course 2016
David E. Chamberlain

Be a Hero - Encrypt Documents for Free in 3 Steps, and Learn Enough to Teach your Clients and Opposing Counsel
From Essentials of Business Law 2016: Critical Skills for the Transactional Practice
Ronald Lyle Chichester

Cyber Security for Your Law Firm - Data Security and Data Encryption
From Essentials of Business Law: Four Modules for a Robust Practice 2017
Ronald Lyle Chichester, Shawn E. Tuma

Emerging Standards of Technological Competence
From Advanced Evidence and Discovery 2016
Ronald Lyle Chichester

Ethical Problems in Using Social Media
From Family Law & Technology 2016: Keeping Your Family Law Practice in Pace with the Latest Technological Advances
Joseph Indelicato Jr.

Ethics, Cloud Computing, and Engagement Agreements
From Advanced Real Estate Law Course 2017
Joseph Jacobson

Getting Data from Third Parties - Perils and Challenges
From Technology for Litigators 2016
Sammy Ford IV, Peter S. Vogel

Rule 202 and Social Media: Who’s Defaming You? Who’s the Defendant?
From Texas Bar College Summer School 2017
John G. Browning

Social Media and Discovery Issues - Ethical Concerns and Other Issues
From Advanced Employment Law Course 2017
John G. Browning

Social Media - Discovery and Evidence
From Advanced Evidence and Discovery 2017
Nicholas Scot Bettinger

Social Media in Court
From Technology for Litigators 2016
John G. Browning, Michelle Mei-Hsue Cheng

Social Media, Smart Devices, and Their Use for Trial Strategies
From Advanced Personal Injury Law Course 2017
Tej Paranjpe, Sarah Moffett

Technology, Confidentiality and Strategic Communications
From Advanced Workers Compensation 2016
Laura Michelle Merritt

Technology, Discovery and Ethics
From Advanced Medical Torts 2016
Michael James Golden

The 4 Cs and a D of Ethical Issues in e-Discovery
From eDiscovery in Your Case 2016
Kathy Brown

Use New Age Discovery Tools in a Family Law Case
From Family Law 101: 2016
Kevin Segler

Use of Social Media Ethically in Damages
From Damages in Civil Litigation 2016
Michael James Golden

What Every Lawyer Should Know & Do to Protect Client Data
From Texas Minority Attorney Program 2017
Harry Grant Potter III, Sean Hall

What We All Need To Know About HIPAA, House Bill 300 & Data Security
From Advanced Family Law 2016
Sherri A. Evans, Heather L. Hughes J.D., CHPC

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