Toll-Free Ethics Helpline for Lawyers

(800) 532-3947
8am - 5pm CT
Monday through Friday

If you are a lawyer, call our helpline if you are unsure about your ethical obligations in a particular situation. Our toll free helpline is offered through our Chief Disciplinary Counsel's (CDC) Office. Please note that this service is not confidential and is not binding on any local grievance committee panel. Phone calls are promptly returned in the order they are received by two staff ethics attorneys. Occasionally a large volume of calls or only one attorney on staff may cause a delay in returning your call.

Please be aware that the CDC cannot issue written opinions or legal advice regarding ethical questions and cannot address questions concerning pending grievances.

When you call, the helpline will provide guidance on how to access the rules and information you need, including ethics opinions and caselaw that may help you reach an informed decision.

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