Texas Lawyers Auxiliary

The Texas Lawyers Auxiliary is dedicated to supporting the State Bar of Texas and the Texas legal profession while promoting an understanding and appreciation of the American legal system through law-related education, citizenship, and public service advocacy.

Upcoming Events

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation and TLA Reception - Sunday, October 4, 2015 - Home of Mary Ellen Borgelt in Austin

Teacher of the Year Award Presentation Breakfast Meeting, TLA Annual Meeting, and TLA Fall Board Meeting - Monday, October 5, 2015 - Texas Law Center in Austin

Reservations for nine standard rooms (two queen beds) at $209.00 have been made with Double Tree Hilton of Austin.


Membership is available as an affiliate, individual, and associate. Please join us! For more information, contact Membership VP, Martha Ann Franco, at mafrancotx@sbcglobal.net.

Carmela Frels and Lucy Harrison
Carmela Frels and Lucy Harrison
Allan DuBois and Carolyn Clark
Allan DuBois and Carolyn Clark

Officers and Directors

Officers 2015-2016

President: Jacque Rothermel
President-elect: Rhonda Jefferson
Vice President of Membership: Cindy Farney
Vice President of Communications: Carolyn Matthews
Vice President of Convention: Joette Reger
Vice President of Projects: Patricia Adams
Recording Secretary: June McManus
Corresponding Secretary: Jan Lamoreaux
Treasurer: Tina Gwinn
Immediate Past President: Rita Thompson

Committee Chairs

Advisory Committee: Lucy Harrison
Advisory Committee Members: Rita Thompson, Grace Ann Vanderpool, Joette Reger, and Sue Bennett
American Lawyer Alliance Representative: Martha Ann Franco
By-laws: Anne Winkler
Archives: Melissa Richard
Celebrations and Smiles: Janey Petiette
Finance Committee Permanent Chair: Judy Troy
Finance Committee Members: Tina Gwinn and Stephanie Whitehurst
Future Planning: Sue Bennett and Rita Thompson
History and Traditions: Mary Ellen Borgelt
Award, Memorials, Tributes, and Scholarship: Mona Blocker Garcia
Nominating Committee: Rita Thompson
Now You Are 18: Marianne Gwinn
Now You Are 18 (Spanish): Stephanie Whitehurst
Your Legal Rights: Carolyn Clark
Operations Co-chairs: Jennifer Benesh and Nicky Duewall
Yearbook: Carolyn Clark
Website: Joette Reger

Directors at Large

Allan DuBois: State Bar of Texas President, San Antonio
C. Barrett Thomas: TYLA President, Sweetwater
Frank Stevenson: State Bar of Texas President-elect, Dallas

TLA Executive Board
TLA Executive Board

Teacher of the Year Award

Kim Grossenbacher Teacher of the Year 2015
2015 Teacher of the Year Award Winner, Kim Grossenbacher
2011 TOY Winner Patience LeBlanc
2011 Teacher of the Year Award Winner, Patience LeBlanc

This award honors public and private high school teachers in Texas who have made significant contributions in law-related education, developing and supporting programs which enhance awareness of legal rights and the American legal system. Candidates may be nominated by teachers or principals. The 2013 entry deadline is June 15, 2013. Download the application. If you have questions, please contact: Rita (Mrs. Robert S.) Thompson, thompsonr234@aol.com.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes a member who, over an extended period of time, has shown exemplary dedication to the Texas Lawyers' Auxiliary by accepting positions of leadership and objectives, continuing support of the Texas Lawyers' Auxiliary, displaying an attitude that encourages an interchange of ideas, communicating the objectives of TLA, and encouraging its programs on a local and state level. The 2014 entry deadline is March 3, 2014. Download the requirements.


Local Lawyers' Auxiliaries and Affiliate Directors

Austin Lawyers' Auxiliary

Anne Winckler, President

Austin Bar Auxiliary
Nicky Duewall, Vice President-Scholarship, Scholarship Recipient Louisa Gambrill, Treasurer, Anne Winckler, and Linda Richards, Austin Bar Auxiliary President

Austin Lawyer’s Auxiliary Event Sept. 17, 2014 [PDF]

Dallas Lawyers' Auxiliary

Pam Musgrove, President, Dallas Lawyers' Auxiliary

Houston Bar Association Auxiliary

Annette Duggan (Mrs. Lee)
Sherryl Durkee, Vice President/TLA Representative

Read the Houston Bar Association Auxiliary Spring 2012 newsletter.

Houston Bar Association Auxiliary
2012-2013 Executive Board

Jefferson County Bar Auxiliary

Joette Reger (Mrs. Gary)

San Antonio Bar Auxiliary

Jaquie Rothermel (Mrs. John F.)

Waco McLennan County

Frances Olsen (Mrs. Landon)
Dorothy Bates (Mrs. John L., Jr.)